If you are registering at this point you are being added to the waiting list/3rd team, if we have enough participates to create one.

Please keep in mind that by filling out this form there is NO guarantee that SWSA will be putting in teams.  That will be determined by how many registrants we have, Deptford working with us on scheduling, and other factors.

Some information about the tournament:

  • Your child MUST be registered for SWSA fall 2020 season.  No other children will be accepted to play for SWSA regardless if they were participants of past seasons.
  • In order for a coach to be eligible they must be a SWSA coach for the fall 2020 season.
    • Depending on the amount of coaches interested there is NO guarantee that all coaches will be chosen to coach.  This will be decided on by the board.
  • Registration will only be open until Thursday, September 24th at 8pm – we are in a strict time restraint based on when we received this information.
    • This form will automatically closed at 8pm.  Don’t delay if you are looking to register.
    • No late registrations will be accepted unless there are openings on a team.
  • Games will be Saturday, October 10th and Sunday, October 11th
  • 3 games total
  • Games a 7v7 with a goalie
  • Players receive a trophy to commemorate their 1st tournament
  • Will be approximately $20-$30 per player
  • Only children with a birth year of 2014 or 2015 are eligible.
  • All games will be in Deptford
  • Deptford will be trying to work with us so that our micro schedule will not be affected.
  • REMEMBER THIS IS A FUN TOURNAMENT FOR THE CHILDREN TO SEE WHAT TRAVELING IS LIKE.  All coaches, parents, and players are expected to follow the SWSA parent conduct policy, which is on page 24 of our current handbook.

Sorry the time and date has passed for registration for this tournament. Please email swsamicro@gmail.com for any questions.