We apologize for having to resort to this but there have still been too many cards handed out to coaches, and referee/parent issues so far this season.  The club appreciates everyone’s volunteer time, but there are certain issues that need to come to an end.  As the board is also a group of volunteers and the extra work that we have to put in to deal with these issues becomes very time consuming.

In addition, the current trajectory does not align with the values of SWSA.  Since the club did not have full attendance at the mandatory head coaches meeting prior to the start of the fall season, we now need to confirm who has read the SWSA coaching guidelines.

All coaches have until Friday, October 27th at 9pm to read both sets of guidelines which appear on the 2nd page of this form, and complete this contract.  This should take each coach 15 minutes or less to do.

The form will lock at the time listed above, and any coaches that have not filled out this form at that time will not appear on their teams next game GDR and will be unable to coach that game.

Please make sure that everyone on your coaching staff (anyone that appears on your GDR) and stands on your coaching sidelines fills this form out.  If an entire coaching staff fails to fill out this contract, then unfortunately that team will have to forfeit their next match and will be responsible for the league forfeit fees.

This coaching contract is now closed.