Updated 7/3/20 @ 1:15pm

Dear SWSA Community:

With the number of COVID-19 cases on the decline in New Jersey, the Governor has approved the phase 3 return of “medium risk” sports, including soccer beginning Monday 6/22.  At this time only outdoor, non-contact drills and team activities are allowed.  Traditional practices and games are anticipated to resume as phase 4 on Monday 7/6.

Our township Parks and Recreational Department has opened the fields at Locke Ave and High Hill Park to SWSA and the other sports programs.  Field allocation to each sport for the Spring will carry over to the summer.

Travel teams are now allowed to hold limited practices, following the guidelines set for by the Governor’s Executive Orders (149 and 152), the New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH), and New Jersey Youth Soccer (NJYS).

Current phase 3 guidelines that must be followed include:

  • Outdoor gatherings limited to 100 persons or fewer.  This applies to the entire field/complex, not just the team practicing.
  • Field schedules should be staggered to limit contact between groups and players.
  • Coaches and players should be pre-screened prior to each session, through temperature check and health questionnaire.  Anyone showing symptoms of COVID-19 should not participate.
  • Individuals should remain 6 feet apart from one another whenever possible.  This includes players, coaches, and parents or spectators.
  • Face masks are recommended for spectators and coaching staff, especially if 6 feet spacing cannot be maintained.  Players are encouraged to wear masks when not engaged in aerobic activity and within 6 feet of others.  Examples include when sitting on the bench, interacting with others, etc.
  • Sessions should be non-contact only and focus on individual skill building.  No games, scrimmages, or group contact drills.
  • No throw-ins, heading, or goalkeeper drills.  Passing a ball between players is allowed.
  • Players should have their own equipment such as a ball and water bottle.  No sharing.
  • Handshakes, high-fives, team huddles, and other close-contacting activities should not be performed.
  • Injured players should be attended to by the coach if the parent or guardian is not present.  Follow the universal safety precautions and wear personal protective equipment (face mask and gloves) before attending to the injured player.

At this time, SWSA will continue to follow the posted Travel Assessment dates (7/11-12 and 7/25-26).  These dates follow the projected phase 4 date of 7/6 for the return of full soccer activities.

The Micro and Rec programs will not resume until September.

SWSA has appointed a Safety Coordinator, Casey Gregory, to review the guidelines with each coach interested in resuming team activities, as well as address any issues or questions.  She may be reached at swsa.safety.coordinator@gmail.com.

The safety of our members remains our top priority.  We hope you understand the guidelines set forth and will do your part to ensure everyone’s health and well-being.

Thank you,

SWSA Board